How to convert an array like collection to an array in JavaScript.

1 Introduction

Array like collection objects looks like an JavaScript array, but are not one. They have indexed access and length property, but they don't have any of Array methods like map, filter etc. In order to use array method on them, first we need to convert them into an Array.

Most common example of Array like object are String and the NodeList and HTMLCollection collection returned by these methods -

  • document.getElementsByClassName
  • document.getElementsByTagName
  • document.querySelectorAll

2 Methods to Convert

2.a Using Array.from method

Array.from accept an array like or iterable object and returns a shallow copy of it which is an Array.

const nodes = document.getElementsByTagName('p'); const nodesArray = Array.from(nodes);

2.b Using Spread [...] operator

Spread operator spread each item of Array like objects into an array.

const nodes = document.getElementsByClassName('cool'); const nodesArray =[...nodes];

2.c Using method

We can call slice method on Array like objects using call method, this will return a new array.

const nodes = document.querySelectorAll('p'); const nodesArray =;

More about call method Here

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